Anchorage Senior Activity Center

Center Committees

The Anchorage Senior Activity Center performs many of its functions using a committee system.

Examples of Committee Duties

1. Finance Committee: This group keeps track of the money received and spent by ASAC. It also plans for the future of ASAC by creating a budget and planning fund raising activities. Meeting: 2nd Monday each month, 1:30 in the classroom. Want to join? Just come to a meeting.

2. Membership Committee: This group assures that members get benefits for their dues. Meeting: 2nd Thursday each month, 1:30 in the Administration Conference room. Want to join? Just come to a meeting.

3. Communications & Marketing Committee: This group seeks to publicize activities and events happening at ASAC. It also works to let all Anchorage older adults learn about ASAC. Meetings: TBA.

4. Facilities and Equipment Committee: This group pays attention to ASAC buildings and grounds. It works with the Municipality of Anchorage to keep ASAC safe and attractive. Meetings: 1:00 p.m. on the 1st Wed. each month in Adminstration Conference room. Want to join? Just come to a meeting.

5. Crafts and Quilting Committee: It oversees the craft room and equipment. It provides crafts and quilts for Gift Shop sales, custom orders and bazaars. Want to join? See Lynn Duncan in the Craft Room.

6. Library Committee: It maintains the library. It also manages annual book sales and hosts the Roseanne Book of the Month Club. Want to join? See Norma Barber in the Library.

7. Fitness Committee: It oversees the use and care of fitness, recreational and sports equipment and fund raises to meet the needs of the fitness program. Want to join? See Kirk Burke, Fitness Manager.

8. Art Committee: It oversees use of art room and the art displays throughout ASAC. It also develops creative workshops including drama and writing. Want to join? See Sally Robertson in the Art Room.

NOTE: Committee Chairmanships should be filled, and all committee chairs should be encouraged to appoint co-chairs. (All chair appointments last only a year, whereas, committee members serve two years for the sake of continuity. All are eligible for reappointment.)