Anchorage Senior Activity Center

Gifts - Quilts - Baby
Porcelain Dolls on Sale

There is a wide selection of porcelain dolls for sale! Great gift for that special collector or the holidays!


Quilts are made by our volunteer members and are each unique. The quilts are either machine or hand pieced and then machine quilted in our quilting room. Inventory is always changing. Quilts are on display for selection. Custom quilts can be made to your specifications. Quilts are made by our volunteer members and are each unique.

Gifts for Baby

Don't you just CHERISH a handmade gift that someone has personalized just for you? You are sure to impress any new mama with any one of our amazing Handmade Baby Gift Ideas! Pick out a perfect gift for any newborn or baby shower. A gift handmade by grandmothers in our craft room.


One unique book telling the stories and experiences of Alaskans that lived through the most severe earthquake of North America are available at the gift shop. A second book relating the stories of being Alaska pioneers is also available.

See's Candies

See's Candies are available throughout the year, but selections may vary.


  • handmade knitted afghans
  • handmade felted bags
  • costume jewelry
  • handmade aprons
  • handmade knitted scarfs and boas
  • gently used clothing


Custom Quilting

Did you know that the quilters accept orders for machine quilting of your old or new quilt tops? The versatile quilting machine in the craft room makes it possible for us to offer this service. The price rate varies from $20 to $35 per square yard, depending on intricacy and color changes. Work order forms are available at the gift shop.