Anchorage Senior Activity Center

Board of Directors

The Anchor-Age Center Board of Directors are 11 center members elected to serve 3 year terms. The Board's role is to guide Center operations through adoption of standard operating policies, oversee the fiscal status of the organization, and to engage a professional center manager.

The current board members and officers are:

Kris Warren* - President (2016-2019)
Judy Brady* - Vice President (2015-2018)
Mary Shields* - Secretary (2015-2018)
Rebecca Mahaney* - Treasurer (2015-2017)**

Tom Brennan (2016-2019)
Sally Ann Carey (2016-2019)
Gordon Glaser* (2014-2017) - Past President
Nancy Groszek (2014-2017)
Theresa Hoffmann (2014-2017)
Lynn Paterna (2015-2018)
Calvin Williams (2016-2019)
* Executive Committee Member
**Appointed by Board to fill vacancy.